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Nectre Big Baker's Oven
The cook top takes 4 large Bakers Oven wood cook stove, bakers oven, bakers oven wood cooking stove,saucepans or pots, and 2 removable rings make it ideal for wok cooking. The Baker's Oven Stove features a bypass damper that circulates hot flue gases around the oven before escaping out the flue outlet. And, while it's cooking it spreads cozy warmth through your kitchen or living area. This stove will heat 700 - 900 sq. ft. depending on the outdoor temperatures and how well insulated a home is. FIREBRICKS Firebricks increase thermal mass, stabilize temperatures and protect the firebox. BAKER'S OVEN ASH LIP The Ash lip below the door prevents hot coals dropping onto the floor. BAKER'S OVEN STOVE MINIMUM CLEANING Minimum cleaning. Depending upon the type of wood you burn, it could be as little as once every six weeks. A convenient inspection plate inside the base of the oven provides access for cleaning any products of combustion that build up within the bypass area. BAKER'S OVEN STOVE BOTTOM AND REAR HEAT SHIELDING Bottom and rear heat shielding. Enables closer clearances to combustible materials. Approximately 8 hr burn time 75% Efficiency BTU 30,000 Firebox 13”w x 11”d x 14”h Oven 14”w x 13”d x 11”h
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