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AMI Fireplace Cleaner

 AMI Fireplace Cleaner
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AMI Fireplace Cleaner is formulated for those sooty and soiled glass in fireplace screens, woodstoves and BBQs - for glass and non-porous surfaces. Be sure to put newspaper underneath before you start. Spray a very liberal amount of Fireplace Glass Cleaner directly on the surface, wait a minute (60+/- seconds), wipe off with a paper towel. Be sure to have lots of paper towel on hand so to discard the dirt. Severely soiled surfaces may require several applications.

If there are any seriously baked on areas, take them off with a new blade scraper and clean the glass again with FGC. Even when clean, apply a couple additional coats to get a good coating of the organic calcium micro film so the glass so that it will be easier to clean the next time.
There will not be any noxious fumes nor smoke when you light the next fire. Calcium does not burn till 840°C/1550°F so the micro film does not pose a problem.