Cobb Cool Touch Portable BBQ

Cobb Cool Touch Portable BBQ
A great portable charcoal grill, ready for any adventure.
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The Cobb portable charcoal grill, weighs in at only 9lbs, can cook at up to 450 degrees on the inside, on only 8 charcoal briquettes, while remaining cool to the touch on the outside.

The Cobb BBQ is an award winning, super efficient portable barbeque. It can can grill, smoke, boil, roast, and fry most anything.

The Cobb is a compact portable bbq that can provide cooking heat for up to three hours using just 8 charcoal briquettes. Its design allows fat and oil to drain away for healthy and virtually smokeless cooking.

The Cobb BBQ can even be used on a table top because the base stays cool to the touch on the outside even when its at full temperature inside. It also comes apart easily to allow it to be washed in a dishwasher for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

There is an assortment of accessories available for the Cobb BBQ to enhance its versatility and provide you with a cooking option for every occasion including a carry bag, wok, skillet (frying pan), grill pan and roast rack.


Cooking on the Cobb Premier BBQ