Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive

Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive
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You might be getting sick of hearing it, but Lezyne truly are the industry innovation kings. Their latest breakthrough is the Dirt Floor Drive floor pump.

Too long have mountain bikers had to suffer the indignity of using road biker floor pumps designed for skinny little tires and high pressure. Too long have we wasted valuable energy by using pumps which require excessive strokes to inflate our large-volume rubber. Lezyne has heard our cries, and they have delivered... The Dirt Floor Drive is the universe's first floor pump designed specifically for mountain bike tires.

We used a Dirt Floor Drive on a 2.3 Weirwolf and needed only 12 effortless strokes to get to 25 psi. Additionally, we used the Dirt Floor Drive to seat the same tire tubeless with no more effort than a regular inflation. For comparisons sake, a competing pump brands high-end offering took more than twice as many strokes to get to 25 psi, and good luck seating a tubeless tire with that. The Dirt Floor Drive is for Real! Be aware, however, the Dirt Floor Drive is for large-volume, mountain bike tires only. The gauge only goes to 70 psi, and due to the extra large volume barrel, it's not optimal for high pressure use. But for large-volume mtb tires, there is no other choice.


* CNC-machined aluminum barrel and base with steel piston. Varnished wood handle with oversized contoured grip
* Precision High-Volume DesignLong-travel piston & increased barrel diameter creates 2x times the air flow to quickly fill tires
* Oversized design is powerful enough to seat tire bead on tubeless tire systems
Flip-Thread Chuck threads onto both Presta & Schrader valves. 100% aluminium construction.
* 43”/130cm extra-long hose made from premium-grade rubber
* Oversized Gauge2.5” diameter gauge assembly. 70 psi/4.6 bar max


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