Rais Bando Wood Stove

Rais Bando Wood Stove


The RAIS Bando shows-off true mastery of soapstone stove design that provides unbeatable heat retention by successfully exploiting the natural qualities of soapstone.

The stove is an excellent fuel saver since soapstone is a natural heat retainer that emanates comfortable and even warmth long after the fire is merely embers, and requires comparatively less burn time to produce the same heat as other stoves.

The natural pattern of soapstone gives the RAIS Bando a unique and living feel that enhances your stove experience. Optional with the RAIS Bando is a turntable that allows for perfect viewing of the fire and the flames from every corner of the room.
Heat BTu output 27 kBTU
Heat range (min-max) 7-27 kBTU
Heating capacity (25-68 degrees F) 1500 sq.ft
Emissions 4.3 g/hr
Efficiency 75+%
Dimensions (W-D-H) Stove Exterior 20 7/8 - 20 1/4 - 42 3/8 "
Firebox Interior 14 3/8 - 13 3/4 - 14 1/8 "
Log Length 14 3/4 "
Pipe Diameter 6 "
Distance from center of top exit to the back edge of the top plate 7 "
Distance from floor to center of top exit 40 3/8 "
Center pipe in top to back edge of stove 7 1/8 "
Floor to center of outside air connector 6 7/8 "
Distance to Flammable Material
Distance to combustible side wall 13 "
Distance to combustible back wall 6 "
Corner Clearance to Combustible 5 "

Stove 353 lb
Top Plate 77 lb