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 MacNeil Default Bars
Full Specs - Straight guage tubing - full 4130 Chromoly - Upsweep 2 degrees - backsweep 11 degrees - width 28" - Weight 843 grams
Gusset Slink Half Link BMX Chain
Slink Chain, Slotted Cranked Links - Made entirely of half links! Attractive style Cranked link chain (made entirely from ½ links). Each link overlaps the next, combined with square riveted pins, reduces risk of chain breakage (falling apart). Grind friendly straight outer plate edges, avoid getting hung up. Cutaway inner plate edges give improved sprocket wrap, allowing perfect running down to 8 teeth sprockets. Slotted plates, reduce excess weight. SCM steel with Carburized Nitrogen heat treatment provides breaking strength of 1300Kgf. (Std chain is approx 850 Kgf) Features: • Made entirely of half links! • Grind friendly straight outer plate edges • 3/32" - (Looks trick on Single Speed bikes with 3/32" cogs...) 360g 102 Links. • 1/8" - 474g 102 Links.
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