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Small baskets for trekking poles and nordic walking poles.
Tip Protectors for Louis Garneau Trekking Poles.
The Massif Snowshoes feature the easy-to-use Boa mechanism that is winter-proof and mitten-friendly for easy on and off as well as adjustments. Perfect for day hiking, the carbon steel crampons and fixed pivot system provide traction and stability. Available in men sizes 930 and 1036, and women 822 and 825
Designed for backcountry hiking, this high-performance snowshoe perfect for steep ascents and access to summits. The light and sturdy aluminum frame offers proven ergonomics for a natural stride and optimized surface area with great snow shedding capacities. Stainless steel crampons ensure multidirectional traction on any terrain and condition, and the Contact harness with BOA mechanism offers an easy to adjust custom fit for 360-degree retention. The free foot rotation on axle provides shock absorption and ensures an efficient stride, while the heel raiser reduces calf fatigue while climbing. Available Sizes: Mens 825, 930, 1036 Womens 822, 825
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