Evox City 520

 Evox City 520



Made in Canada Four years ago, at eVox, we chose to blaze a new trail and create a unique, high performance electric bicycle.

By developing our own proprietary propulsion system in Canada, in addition to producing our bikes here, we have complete control over all aspects of the eVox, from design through production, guaranteeing you receive an exceptional electric bicycle.

You really need to try the eVox CITY in order to understand all the possibilities it opens
up for you …you’ll see electric bicycles in a different light.

Evox is an electric bike like no other.

• Lightweight and well-balanced
• Comfortable seat
• Extremely stable ride
• Mecanical disc brake with motor kill-switch
• Rear/ front fender
• Rear carrier
• Choice of 4 colors
• Weight of 54 lbs (with battery)