Rais Rondo

Rais Rondo
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The RAIS Rondo was designed by using a firewood storage, and soapstone baking compartment in addition to an efficient firebox. With updated contemporary combustion technique and high-quality materials, the RAIS Rondo is a design marvel, a modern classic. The RAIS air-cooled hollow handle allows for easy and safe access to the fire. An optional turntable for better viewing of the fire, and a beautiful heat-retaining soapstone top are optional extras.

The RAIS Rondo is a convection style stove, which means that the sides of the stove never get too hot. Convection works by pulling cold air into the system at the base of the stove and up through the convection duct that is located along the combustion chamber of the stove. Attachment for outside-air comes standard for use in new construction homes.

Heat BTu output 25 kBTU
Heat range (min-max) 10-25 kBTU
Heating capacity (25-68 degrees F) 1080 sq ft

Emissions 4.3 g/hr
Efficiency 75+%
Dimensions (W-D-H)
Stove Exterior 19 3/10 - 19 3/10 - 40 3/5 "
Firebox Interior 13 1/5 - 11 2/5 - 40 2/5 "
Log Length 13 1/5 "
Pipe Diameter 6 "
Distance from center of top exit to the back edge of the top plate 10 "
Distance from floor to center of top exit 46 "
Distance from floor to center of rear exit 35 1/8 "
Floor to center of outside air connector 4 3/4 "
Distance to Flammable Material
Distance to combustible side wall 13 "
Distance to combustible back wall 6 1/2 "
Corner Clearance to Combustible 6 "

Stove 304 lb