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Wood Stoves

Harman Oakwood
$2,831.25 $3,775.00 25% Off
Oakwood's Optional Cooking Grill The Oakwood's optional cooking grill allows you to grill your favorite meats and vegetables without altering your home's air quality. This stainless steel grill is easy to remove and clean. For the homeowner who appreciates intricate detail and superb craftsmanship, the Harman Oakwood Cast Iron Wood Stove will be a pleasure to own. Precision castings make the Oakwood’s aesthetic appearance unique and are designed so accurately that gaskets are used (instead of furnace cement) for assembly. Harman’s special FireDome Non-Catalytic Combustion System is used for clean burning and even heat output. What this equates to is unvarying heat throughout your home over a longer period of time without the peaks and valleys of other wood stoves. The FireDome attains Harman’s reputation of high efficiency while saving you the expense associated with catalytic stoves. Top loading makes adding wood easier and allows the Oakwood to hold more wood than other stoves of the same size. The Oakwood can hold over 40 pounds of cordwood on a 3 inch charcoal bed which makes burn times of 12 to 16 hours a reality. The extra large glass door stays cleaner because of specially coated glass and the exclusive Harman air wash system. The Oakwood has an ash pan with its own ash door that is used to remove ashes while the stove is in operation. Everyone’s favorite Oakwood option is its cooking grill. This grill can be placed in the top of the stove while in operation and allows you to grill steaks and burgers all year long. Features Options FireDome Combustion System 21" Log Capacity Long Burn Times Ash Pan Top or Rear Flue Convertible Top and Front Loading Large 2.3 Cubic Foot Capacity Firebox Harman Quality, Fit, & Finish Cooking Grill Warming Shelves Top Load Door w/Griddle Surface Outside Air Kit Enamel Finish Custom Colors Harman Rotisserie Cozy Screen Door Holder
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